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I write both fiction and non-fiction. To get a better sense of my work, please feel free to explore my official Author Portfolio.

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I like to write stories, mostly for a young adult audience, about LGTBQ characters, mental illness, time travel and the future- sometimes all in the same story!

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Holly, Youth Imagination

Lauren is intrigued when she meets the new girl, Holly, at school. Is there more to life than her boyfriend Adam, who she seems to constantly disappoint? 

November 2019

Unborn, 101 Fiction

Is it worth eliminating your own existence if it means a happier life for someone you love?

December 2019

No longer available online

Shopping basket, Flash Fiction Magazine

For some people, doing the food shopping is not easy

August 2020

Sisterly Love, The Drabble

Joseph is being bullied at school, but luckily his sister has his back

October 2020

Show Me the Future, The Trouble with Time Travel (Smoking Pen Press)

Megan is faced with a choice when she travels into the future and witnesses a shocking tragedy in her family

November 2020

It Doesn't Feel Like Christmas, Of Mistletoe and Snow (Jazz House Publications)

With her mum sick, Emily doesn't feel like celebrating Christmas, but her crush Lauren has other ideas

November 2020

Summer, Youth Imagination

Vicky is questioned on her summer holiday, but there's something she is keen to keep to herself

February 2021

Bucket List, Tipping the Scales

After watching a sunrise on the beach, what is next on Becky's bucket list?

March 2021

In My Sister's Body,  Limeoncello

Charlie is thrilled when she wakes up in Beth's body on holiday, but her big sister's life is not as fun as she had expected

March 2021

Crimes against Time, Summer of Speculation: Catastrophe (Cloaked Press)

Will law student Hazel break the time travel laws to save her family?

June 2021

Truth or Dare, My Heart to Yours  (Jazz House Publications)

A game of truth or dare opens Bea's eyes to the fact that her crush on Grace may not be as one-sided as she had imagined

June 2021

Proper Christmas, Growth (TL;DR Press)

Dan and his little brother Ollie enjoy a traditional Christmas- but nothing is as it seems

August 2021

Second Chance,  OpenDoor Magazine

Ann and Peter are expecting- but after previous tragedy, can they go through with it?

November 2021

The Enemy, Youth Imagination

Ellie wants to bake with her mum, but it's not that easy when food is the enemy

November 2021

Arsonist, Limeoncello

Bella grows closer to her best friend and crush Ruby, but as her dad starts dating again, will her secret be revealed?

December 2021

After, Breath and Shadow

Stephanie made an attempt to end her life, but what happens afterwards?

January 2022

Two Years, Breathless  (TL;DR Press)

How will Jo cope when she finds out her brother's best friend Lucy, her crush of two years, is accompanying them on a camping trip?

February 2022

Your Money or Your Life, Punk  (Black Hare Press)

Michelle has an artificial heart, but is it safe?

March 2022

Back in Time, Particular Passages 2: East Wing (Knight Writing Press)

When she meets Erin at an OCD support group, Alex's manipulation of the time stream- her compulsion- soon begins to affect her new girlfriend's mental health

May 2022

Future Perfect, Northern Gravy

Sarah decides to learn to travel forward in time to see whether her life includes her best friend and crush Lucy. Will what she discovers affect her life now? 

May 2022

Liar, Kaleidoscope- A Queer Anthology (Cloaked Press)

Afflicted with an ability to detect lies, Abby faces a decision when she hears the lies told by her brother, Chris and his girlfriend, Leah.

June 2022

Your Brain for My Lips, Chance on Love Anthology (Dragon Soul Press) 

Carly is astonished when her crush, Jen, makes her a proposition. But is it just a business transaction for Jen?

June 2022

Call Me Jack, Youth Imagination

Jack moves to a new school and becomes close to a girl, Zara. But what is he hiding?

August 2022

Wish for Ebony, Wishing Well Anthology (Knight Writing Press)

When Keira finds out that a classmate is a genie, she sees her chance to be with Ebony, the girl she's had a crush on for ages.  But wishes are never that easy.

August 2022

On the Banishment of Dragons, Particular Passages 4: South Wing (Knight Writing Press)

When a dragon terrorizes the city, Elena sees a chance to prove that she's up to the task of banishing it. But will her mental health problems get in the way?

October 2022

How I Met your Mother, Planetside Anthology (Shacklebound Books)

Time travel can have its disadvantages!

November 2022

Second Chances, Life At Its Best Anthology (Dragon Soul Press)

Widow Steph's friend Faye is determined to find her a new man, but is Steph's head being turned by Danni, a new woman at their running club? When Danni convinces Steph to sign up for a 10k run, Steph has to deal with the new feelings whilst they train together.

November 2022

I Met her during the Halftime Show, Youth Imagination

Sophie's desperate search for her brother's toy zebra during the halftime show of the Super Bowl leads her into the arms of Bengal's fan Jasmine, much to the disgust of her Rams supporter boyfriend.

December 2022

Unborn, Out of the Darkness Anthology (WolfSinger Publications)

When Chris invents time travel, he thinks all his problems are over. Depressed his whole life, he intends to travel back in time and prevent himself from ever being born, but an appearance from his future self scuppers his plans.

December 2022

I Know Where to Find Dragons, Reign of Fire Anthology (Dragon Soul Press)

Zoe sets off on a trip with her crush, Kara, to visit some dragons that Kara claims to have found. Do they actually exist, and will the girls bond on their trip?

January 2023

Happily Ever After, Union Anthology (Dragon Soul Press)

Cassie travels to multiple universes to win back Madeline, the girl who broke her heart in her own universe. But will she have a happy ever after this time, or does she have competition?

February 2023

I Hear You, Written with Pride Anthology (Not a Pipe Publishing)

When Madison wakes up one day being able to hear other people's thoughts, she discovers an interesting fact about her crush, Joey.  But will it help her win her over?

June 2023

Time Loop Break-up, Kaleidoscope (Cloaked Press)

Gina tries to figure out why she's reliving the day her girlfriend Mandy broke up with her, again and again. How can she escape the time loop?

June 2023


Under Arrest, Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine

Mix Tape, This is Not a Punk Rock Anthology, It's a New Wave Anthology (Bone & Ink Press)

Dear Mackenzie, When it Rains it Pours (Kind of a Hurricane Press)

Time to Remember, Decked Halls (Knight Writing Press)

Scars that Heal, Love Me, Love Me Not (Evernight Teen)


Runner up: Finally, in loveWriting Magazine 'Love' Competition, January 2023 


Shortlisted: The Enemy, Writing Magazine 'Food' Competition, March 2020

Shortlisted: My Eyes, Writing Magazine 'Senses' Competition, March 2021

Shortlisted: Call Me Jack, Writing Magazine 'New Start' Competition, July 2021

Shortlisted: Me Without HerWriting Magazine 'Children's/YA' ('Separation') Competition, July 2021

Shortlisted: I Deserve MoreWriting Magazine 'Love Story' Competition, January 2022

Shortlisted: Meant for MeWriting Magazine 'First Line' Competition, May 2022

Shortlisted: Miss CarterWriting Magazine 'School' Competition, August 2022

Shortlisted: Game, Set and MatchWriting Magazine 'Sport' Competition, August 2022

Shortlisted: Good DecisionWriting Magazine 'Nostalgia' Competition, June 2023

Shortlisted: Repairing a RelationshipWriting Magazine 'Journey' Competition, August 2023

Longlisted: Shopping Basket, Brilliant Flash Fiction 'Feed Us' Competition, October 2019

Honorable Mention: On the Banishment of Dragons, Writers of the Future Competition, Q4 2019

Honorable Mention: Back in Time, Writers of the Future Competition, Q1 2020

Honorable Mention: Crimes against Time, Writers of the Future Competition, Q2 2020

Honorable Mention: In my Sister's BodyWriters of the Future Competition, Q4 2020

Honorable Mention: Three MonthsWriters of the Future Competition, Q4 2022


Through non-fiction, I mostly explore aspects of my mental health

Home: Work


The Irony: Obsessing Over Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, You & Me Medical Magazine

The time that my OCD convinced me that I didn't have OCD

November 2018

Various pieces in The Mighty

I explore various aspects of my OCD and BPD

2017 onwards

Borderline Personality Disorder is a liar, Ailment

The lies that my brain make me believe about myself

March 2020

Overcoming my barriers to borderline personality disorder recovery, OC87 Recovery Diaries

Recovery is hard when your brain wants you to stay sick

July 2020

The Two Faces of Anxiety, Feels Zine

The different ways in which anxiety manifests in my OCD and BPD

January 2021

Untitled, Hard Times Happen (Black Pear Press)

How my eating disorder started

January 2021

Dear Maverick, A Love Letter (or Poem) To ... (Sweetycat Press)

Having  a dog has been a steep learning curve, but I have grown to love him

November 2021

Obsessive Owner, Obsessive Cat, Cats Zine (Coin-Operated Press)

They say pets take after their owners. This certainly seems true for me and my cat, Haribo

August 2022

Joining the TC: How Group Therapy has Helped my Mental Health, Our Stories to Tell  (Folkways Press) 

In 2021, I finished a long-term group therapy programme for people with personality disorders. This is how it helped me with my recovery.

August 2022

Dealing with Rejection and Improving your Chances of Publication, Behind the Plots (Writing Bad)

My writing journey has been difficult at times. I share what I have learned about how to deal with rejection and improving your chances of publication.

September 2022



Runner Up: The Story of a Life, Oxford Writing Mentors Competition (Memoir), Q4 2022

"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent van Gogh

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